Best data visualization tools

The picture of the modern world is a large amount of information and rather limited resources of time. As a result, the visual way of presenting information, like infographics, which allows presenting a significant amount of data in an organized form, is updated. This article will consider the best data visualization tools.

The concept of data visualization

Data is the new world currency, and the Internet is an exchange office. It is easy to get lost in information flows. How do you present data to grab attention? The user will understand a table of ten lines and three columns. And if it is thousands, hundreds of thousands of lines? Emphasize key points and patterns that cannot be found in dry numbers with infographics, interactive website widgets, and dashboards. Visualization tools will help you with this.

Data visualization is a visual representation of arrays of various information. The data visualization tool consists of two main parts: the data source and the visualization. The data source can be files, such as .csv or Excel, or cloud data. Visual tools often support integration with most basic analytics tools.

Visualization should precede infographics. An important feature of visualized data is its persuasiveness, so it is very important to avoid distortion of information data in the visualization process. In particular, in a good visualization, the clarity of the overall picture does not interfere with the perception of details.

The best alternatives of data visualization tools

There are the following options:

  • ChartBlocks is an easy-to-use online charting tool that lets you import data, build charts, and share it with ease. You do not need to have any special knowledge and skills to create diagrams using this simple constructor. You can choose from dozens of different chart types and pull data from almost any source (and even multiple sources). The tool includes a data import wizard that guides you through the entire process step by step.
  • Cyfe offers a tool for creating business dashboards that allows you to track and visualize important data (social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support) – you will see all the results in one place. The product includes a number of pre-built dashboard templates that you can modify to suit your specific needs.
  • Creately. A collaboration tool that lets you create interactive diagrams, Gantt charts, and simple infographics. In the arsenal – more than 50 types of charts with thousands of samples and available from libraries. The results can be imported to websites, mobile applications, and also saved in PDF and SVG format
  • Easy Insight is a cloud-based business analysis tool that allows you to create reports and dashboards, and visualize data using charts and tables. With this product, you can combine different database services so that users can create a single view of clients across multiple applications.
  • Databox is a KPI monitoring platform that collects the necessary data in one place so that users can get information in real-time. The product allows you to compare and mix metrics from different sources on a single dashboard.
  • Grapher by Golden Software is a full-featured graphics application for scientists, engineers, and business professionals. The product offers over 80 unique customizable 2D and 3D chart styles. Charts can be supplemented with legends, titles, labels, loops, statistical reports. Grapher also includes statistical functions to identify trends, discover new ideas, and provide a holistic view of the data.
  • Grow is a full-featured business analysis and data visualization tool. The product has the ability to integrate, which allows users to store and mix data from hundreds of sources. In addition, with Grow, you can combine and transform disparate data sources, filter, and explore different visualizations.